Halloween is over, Let's Talk Christmas!

Halloween is over, Let's Talk Christmas!

I may be a Halloween FANATIC, but the day after Halloween, we, as a business, turn to Christmas. In an effort to help alllllll our friends out, I like to put out our Holiday FAQs as soon as we can! So let's get into all the good stuff and the holiday schedule! 

Couple quick things to note...Gremlin Games only have one more game for the year. This Saturday, at 10am. The store IS closed on Thanksgiving Day, and the Friday after.

Let's get into the fun stuff... the rest of the year products and schedule!

 I absolutely LOVE planning ahead, and I know you do too. As a whole, we normally don't do Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. That's for a couple different reasons. It's an absolute SEA of chaos in all your inboxes and text message marketing, so it's exhausting to compete. It's overwhelming for me, as a business owner, and it's RIGHT up against the holiday rush, so we like to do our yearly Daily Deals the week BEFORE Thanksgiving. 


Let's talk Gremlin Game Discounts. If you remember, Gremlin Games Turns come with Playing Cards, and on the Playing Card is a code for each month. It looks like the image, and each month the code is different. 

A fun fact, these codes DO combine, so you can use your 5% off with other sales in the month that Gremlin Games happened in. So in July, you could have stacked your Gremlin Code with the BOGO we had on glitter. 

NOW. On November 20-22nd, you will be able to purchase a digital download that will include all our gremlin codes, so you will also be able to access the end of year sale. Only played August and October? No worries. You can purchase July, Sept, and November. Only missing one month? You can get just that one. This is OUR version of BFCM. You will only be able to use this code once, it will not be stackable with any other code, and it will expire on December 31st.

Don't worry, gremlin game players, we will email you on November 20th a digital copy of the code on the off chance you lost the cards.

Daily Deals

Daily Deals will go out at 9am every day via email, to the Facebook Group, and we will post a video on TikTok. Daily Deals last as long as the supplies last, or until the Deal is used up. SOME of the deals will have a limited number of items, or a limited number of times the code can be used. Daily Deal codes are not stackable, BUT free shipping will be available for all daily deal orders as normal. We will not edit daily deal orders, we will not add your code after purchase. All sales are final during Daily Deal Week, even if a Daily Deal code is not used.

New Product, and Holiday Product Cut Offs

The goal is to have ALLLLLLL our Holiday product here, and ready for the daily deals. We have plenty of product on hand, we are going to be sure to restock product as quickly as possible. We will be sending out Friday Newsletters over the holidays with any changes and shipping cut off reminders!

The last day to order a personalized planner for 2023 delivery is November 30th. They will be available, all the month of December, but we will tell you we won't ship or make them until January. Our priority is to ship all our orders with as close to a 24 hour turnaround time (not including weekends) until Christmas. If I have time in December and can make personalized planners, I will. BUT the Holiday Delivery cut off for them is November 30th.

Holiday Order Cut Offs, Free Shipping, Holiday Shipping Surcharges

This is super important, Christmas Delivery is not guaranteed. 


  • Hanukkah - Dec 7th-Dec15
  • Christmas - Dec 25
  • Kwanzaa - Dec 26th-Jan 1

Advancing Aiden follows USPS and UPS recommended cut off times. We do ship Internationally (AS OF NOVEMBER 1ST!) 

Order Cut Off (this gives us 2 days to pack your order as well)

Ground Advantage First Class Priority Mail Priority Mail Express
Domestic 12/13/23 12/13/23 12/17/23 12/17/23

Central/South America


11/27/23 11/27/23 12/4/23 12/4/23


12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23 12/13/23

Australia/New Zealand

12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23 12/13/23


12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23 12/13/23


12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23 12/13/23


12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23 12/13/23

Middle East

12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23


12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23 12/4/23


What we will offer this year, if your order isn't going to get there in time, send us an email, and we have these cute holiday cards made up. We will email you a copy of the card, and a cute list of the items in your order using our stock photos so you have something fun for them to still open!

This is a free of charge service we want to offer because we know just how tough being neurodivergent can be! When you actually go through all the effort, order in time, and it's still not there! So we wanted to be able to help any way we can. We can't control the post office, but we can try our best to help you be successful!

 Free Shipping

We do offer free shipping on all domestic orders over $75, HOWEVER, please note, during the Holiday season, that will be shipped at the cheapest option and will not be guaranteed for delivery by Christmas. 

Free Shipping for International: We don't have enough data to be able to know what we can offer for Free Shipping Internationally, but we hope to be able to offer that to you sometime in 2024.

Holiday Shipping Surcharges

USPS announced this week that they will NOT be charging a surcharge this holiday season. Shopify also will not be charging surcharges. 

UPS is charging surcharges on some services and they are effective October 29th, 2023 to January 13, 2024. 

FedEx Surcharges are not my favorite, as they have a $1.60 surcharge from October 30th to November 26th, and again from December 11th to January 14th. They have a $2.60 surcharge from November 27th, 2023 to December 10th, 2024. They also have an oversize charge that is $73 per package on all US Express, US Ground and International Ground from October 2 to January 14th.

DHL is our preferred international shipping service right now. they have smaller surcharges from October 2nd to November 12th, and December 18th to January 21st.  

I know this was A LOT of info, but we want you to be able to be informed shoppers this holiday season!

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