A Labor of Love: Creating Free Support Tools for online learning with ADHD.

A Labor of Love: Creating Free Support Tools for online learning with ADHD.

In the realm of online education, navigating the unique challenges posed by ADHD can be a daunting task. As a mom on a mission to support her ADHD son in the virtual classroom, I find myself on a continuous learning curve. While I may not be an educator, ADHD expert, or licensed in anything related to education, my personal experience as someone diagnosed with ADHD later in life has fueled my determination to create tools that can make a difference.

The journey began when I realized the struggles my son faced in the any learning environment. From staying focused during classes to managing assignments and deadlines, to emotional regulation, and more, the hurdles seemed endless. Inspired by a desire to empower not only my son but also others facing similar challenges, I decided to leverage my own learning experiences.

I started creating free support tools tailored to the specific needs of students with ADHD. These tools are born out of my firsthand understanding of the daily struggles, coupled with the recognition that every child is unique. My aim is to provide simple, practical solutions that can be easily integrated into the learning routine, but particularly, if you are helping your child attend online school.

It's important to note that I am not a professional in the field, but a mom who empathizes with the journey of parents and students dealing with ADHD. My tools are not a substitute for expert advice, but rather a humble contribution to a community that understands the challenges of ADHD in the educational landscape.

The journey of crafting these tools is not only about creating resources but also about fostering a sense of community. By sharing my experiences and the tools I've developed, I hope to connect with other parents, caregivers, and individuals who are navigating similar waters.

In the end, this is a just an opportunity to learn together, as I try to support my son in the virtual classroom. As we embark on this journey together, let's embrace the power of community, understanding, and shared experiences to make online education a more accessible and supportive space for all.

These resources are free for your personal use. They are not licensed for use in the classroom, or for reproduction. If you would like to obtain that license, please reach out at support@advancingaiden.com

Thanks for joining me along this crazy journey! Let me know if you have ideas for what we should work on next!


Rebekah Mohilo

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