Tumbler Profit Margin Calculator

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Profit Margin Worksheet

This worksheet is fully functional and will allow you to find the sweet spot for each item you sell! Just add in the prices of each item you used, and the amount, and it will automatically generate your cost and profit margin!

*This sheet was updated on February 25th, 2021. You can see a video on how to use this sheet on my YouTube at www.youtube.com/advancingaiden

Limited Commercial Use License for Documents

You can use my business documents for all small-business related tasks! 

What's Included: 

This listing a licensing option for select documents I have created for different small business needs. 

It is a Limited Commercial Use License that allows you to use items you purchased for your personal small business. This does not allow for reproduction or changes to the document.

The license covers the use of ONE single document. If you plan to use more than one, you need to purchase one of these Limited Use Licenses per design.

  • My documents are meant to be used for your own small business and should NOT be reproduced for others, or resold. 
  • You may NOT resell these designs as cut files or digital files, nor use them as freebies or for giveaways.
  • You may NOT use my documents to create digital or physical printables. The exception to this rule is making individual handmade prints using foil vinyl or something along these lines.
  • I retain full copyright to my documents.

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