Legacy Ladies Bundle

This bundle is an extra special bundle. This bundle is named after small businesses that we believe embody "Legacy". To us that means they are businesses that are based in integrity, quality products, ethical business practices, kindess, and basic human decency. 

This are businesses that we have shopped with, had issues with, grown with, and seen navigate hard business situations with grace. 

Proceeds are donated to various charities each year, and this year we will be donating to Children's Cancer Research Fund in Aiden's Name.

All glitter is cosmetic grade glitter, jarred in 2 ounce bottles. These are measured with love and have a weight range of 1.7 ounce - 2.3 ounces. 

This bundle is strictly glow in the dark glitter, and we hope you love it!

  • Elle Bean and Mr. Bean: (White to Blue Glow)
    • Not exactly a small business, but we named a glitter after our children because of who we are donating to.
  • MommaBear Kay Designs: (White to Green Glow)
    • If you need sassy apparel, this is your place! Kailea runs a sassy, fun, and creative company that I have been thrilled to support since I found her on TikTok over a year ago!
  • Sassy T's: (Pink to Purple Glow)
    • If you need a cup maker, shirt maker, or a tutorial, Tiffany is your girl! I've known Tiffany for two years nohttps://www.facebook.com/meganstrinketw, and she embodies grace, patience, and humor like I've never seen!
  • BlueSky and Shine: (Purple to Blue Glow)
    • Oh Skye....I have a lot I could say about you :) Skye and I have known each other about a year and a half! Skye not only has been a business owner of a tanning salon for many years, but she also makes some of the best 3D cups I've ever seen. 
  • Megan's Trinkets: (Peach to Yellow Glow)
    • Last, but definitely not least, Megan. I've known Megan for about 3 years now, and we have navigated some storms as businesses together. Megan makes beautiful cups, runs tutorials for projects, and makes hilarious shirts. If you're looking for custom cups, she's a great option! 

I love and respect each of you ladies, and we are wishing you a wonderful growth filled year! 

Customer Reviews

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Natalie Martinez
Absolutely stunning, quality glitters

You did an amazing job putting all of these bundles together! I cannot wait to use them all!

Samantha Lewis

Legacy Ladies Bundle