A Gremlin Game Turn


Have you ever seen the scoop videos where you buy a scoop and someone literally scoops you some crystals and you never know what your gunna get? Or have you ever seen or done one of the craft spins to win? Where you pay $5 and your name will get picked? We have decided to combine the two and put our own little spin on it. We have decided to take ideas from both, and put together a game that we can play together no matter where we are in the world. Nick is going to be the Gremlin Game Master!

Game Play: (a game is over when the jar is empty, and then we start over!)
Onto game play; if you purchase this listing, you are purchasing your own turn in the Gremlin Game. You can have 2 turns, one is a shorter turn, if you purchase a short turn you will be purchasing 3 playing cards. Nick will read the cards and select the items based on how he is feeling that day.

The second turn is your long turn, this turn comes with you game piece (checkout the photos to see what kind of game pieces we have) and 5 playing cards; same rules apply Nick picks the 5 playing cards and chooses accordingly!

You may want to make sure you are in our game play lives you never know what strikes Nicks fancy, how bribable he will be that day, what mystery offers he may offer for extra turns and all other manor of shenanigans

  • Playing Card: Item that will be sent (glitter, mica, epoxy additive and more. Any product in the store! 

What is on a Playing Card?

You will at LEAST get the value of what you pay for your turn in product, but there are tons of extra items that are in each game. They include but aren't limited to:

  • $10 gift cards
  • Magic Mixes by Nick (this is the only way to get a custom Nick Glitter Mix
  • Gremlin Garb (the apparel we offer)
  • Blanks
  • Gift Items
  • Gift box up to $50 in value (there is one in every game)
  • Draw 2 (5 of these in each game, that means you get two extra items)
  • Nick makes a snow globe (you will get a snow globe Nick makes)
  • Film a thirst trap (Nick will give you another Playing Card for Product if not included in the Draw 2)

 To see a video describing the rules click here!

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Harrison
Lots of fun

Not knowing what you are going to get is kinda fun, & sooo worth the chance you take❣️
I give this game 5 thumbs up❣️