Advancing You!

Hi! If you've been around for a while...or you just found me...There are three things I want you to know! My name is Beka, and I've owned a small business for almost three years. Secondly, I firmly believe that each business is as unique as a fingerprint, and one-size-fits-all is not the philosophy we operate under around here. Third, and most importantly, this isn't about me, it's about you! My passion is for sharing what I know with other small business owners, meeting you were you are at, and watching you grow.
We offer mentorship and virtual assistance services, but, we want to make sure we are the right fit for you! You can book a meet and greet call below! 

Things you should know:
  • Timeline Commitment:
    • Mentorship Contracts are twelve months long.
    • Virtual Assistance Contracts are six months or twelve months long.
  • Monetary Commitment:
    • We work on an hourly, billable rate, and we have flexible payment plans which we will discuss on the meet and greet call.
  • Responsibilities:
    • We use a project management software that is provided at no cost to you for both mentorship and virtual assistance. We pride ourselves on clear communication, easy to track goals, and timelines that fit each individual goal.

If you're ready to chat, go ahead and book a call now!