What is a Virtual Assistant and why do I need one?

What is a Virtual Assistant and why do I need one?

Beka...how do you do everything you do??? This was a comment I got allllllll the time when I was running my business last year. I always gave a generic answer, and I have to admit, I wasn't 100% transparent with all my gremlins. I never publicly said I had a virtual assistant. I wanted to hold onto the appearance that I was doing it all. But I definitely didn't. 

I had a good VA, a great one even, and I loved them...but then I switched to a different one, and it was a horrible experience. So...what exactly IS a virtual assistant?

Traditionally, virtual assistants (VA) are self-employed, a service you pay for, and not an employee on your payroll. They can do anything from customer service, administrative tasks, social media marketing, accounting/bookkeeping, data entry (I used one for my mentorship program uploading content into client folders and whatnot) and so much more. 

A VA can do all manner of tasks and they vary from industry to industry. A good VA will have a myriad of services they offer. For example, I offer website optimization, customer service, content creation (blogs, product copy, and more) social media management, logistical support. Given my background, logistics and inventory support is something I'm really good at, and it takes a lot off of my clients plates. 

A big difference between my mentorship program and my virtual assistance is that mentorship is a relationship based engagement, and virtual assistance is task based. As a mentor, I help take what's in your mind, plan it out, put it into a visual timeline, and help research answers to help you grow your company to where you want it to be. As a virtual assistant, I take tasks that overwhelm you, you just don't like, or you just need support on, and I handle that for you. A good virtual assistant will be able to anticipate needs, and help make your business run smoother. 

I can tell you, not every business needs a virtual assistant, but most could benefit from one. When you are working with a good virtual assistant, you are freed up to do the things only you can do for your business. 

For Advancing Aiden, Nick is currently filling the role of virtual assistant, as he is much more involved in the company than before. As we grow our virtual assistance services, we are working to bring on a dedicated copy writer. This not to be confused with Copyright the legal process. I already have someone in mind I am working to recruit because they are a talented writer, a great personality fit and they would be a lovely addition to the company. 

Hopefully this gave you a better idea of what a virtual assistant does, and how it differs from mentorship. If you want to learn more about our virtual assistant services, head here!

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Rebekah Mohilo

This is something I feel I have the hardest time with and would benefit from. Definitely excited to see and hear more about this program!

Rebekah Mohilo

very intrested in this program

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