Megan's Trinkets and Hurricane Ian

Megan's Trinkets and Hurricane Ian

Today we would like to share with you about a dear friend, a sister essentially, someone who has been with us through so much. Megan, the owner of Megan's Trinkets, is one of my dearest friends. We met a debatable amount of time ago, in a Facebook group. Somewhere between 4 and 5 years ago, we first talked about my eating habits, particularly, my insistence on only eating cold cereal with orange juice. 

She was with me through all the small business issues and experiences, good and bad. She was one of the few people who I talked to while Aiden was in surgery. I have been there for her through a pregnancy, birth, her business struggles, and now Hurricane Ian. 

We were able to meet for the first time just this year, after knowing each other for years. She is now employed by our company as my virtual assistant and does so much for Advancing Aiden. 

Today we would like to take a moment to honor her, and support her, just like we do so many others. 

Last Wednesday Megan's home was in the direct path of Hurricane Ian. She, her husband, and five children are trying to recover from some of the worst of the hurricane damage. I've watched her be one of the strongest people I've ever seen throughout this. She has offered everything she can to her community and has remained calm and positive. She has kept her cool. But Sunday she messaged me devastated because all of her and her husband's hard work has been wiped away in a night. She and her husband had to drive over an hour just to find food and gas. They still do not have power, and intermittent running water came on today, but it is only cold. 

Currently Megan and her family need funds for:

  • Gas and Food (currently traveling about an hour for supplies) 
  • Fence is completely destroyed, but they've been able to put some back up due to their neighbors having a pool and they have small children so it's a drowning hazard.
  • One of the kids rooms roof leaks. 
  • Garage roof needs replaced.
  • Roof overall needs either replaced or repaired. (pending inspection)
  • Everything in their shed was destroyed. (all kids toys, strollers, other home items)
  • Insurance deductibles
  • Other incidentals and replacing items that were damaged.

We would like to do what we can to support her, therefore, after discussing it with her, we are doing the following, from today until the end of October, or whenever Megan tells us to stop. 

  • 100% of all proceeds from orders using her Ambassador code, TRINKETS will be donated to her and her family. 
  • 100% of all orders that are in the "Megan's Trinket's" collection will be donated to her and her family. 
  • 100% of the Megan's Trinket's Digital Design Bundle will be donated to her and her family. (coming tomorrow, October 4th)
  • 100% of the Megan's Trinket's glitter, and glitter bundle created by Andrew, Aiden, Nick and myself today will be donated to her and her family. 
  • We will donating 10% of all other sales in their name to a relief fund for the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area as soon as we properly vet one. 

If you would like to support their family directly, you can follow Megan at the following locations on Social Media:

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