Holiday Movie Moment - Ornament Parties

Holiday Movie Moment - Ornament Parties

We are really excited to announce our new Christmas Tradition at the store we are starting this year! Ornaments were a HUGE part of our childhood, with my Grandma (my dad's mom) giving an ornament to everyone every year. My mom and dad did the same for us when they started their family, and we did it for our kids when we became parents. 

I clearly remember my first Christmas as a parent. I had a grey Rubbermaid tote that my mom had sent along to me when I got my first apartment at my first duty station stateside. It was filled with ornaments I had been given, or had made, since I was born. I opened up that tote and was immediately hit with all the holiday sentimental feelings, as if I was in a Hallmark movie.

I remember looking through and finding ones I had made when I was 5 or 6 years old, the one that we had picked out at the mall kiosk when I was 13 but thought I was too old for that kind of thing... But the ones I remembered the most, were the ones I didn't have anymore... I remember the one I made my mom at the Color Me Mine Pottery thing when I was 16, and other ones I had made and given to my family. 

So this year... I wanted to share the Holiday Movie Moment with all of you. This Ornament Party is designed by a mom, for other parents or loved ones in a child's life. You will get two ornaments, one you can make, or the little you love can make, or work together on both of them. You get to keep one, and the little gets one to keep, that way, when you pass on the always have one to remember the moment too. 

The classes are very easy, we give you everything you need to make the ornaments, have adults to support, and send you home with plenty of footage and video to remember the moment! 

  • Included: Per Adult and Child
    • 2 ornaments
    • 3-5 professional photos edited and emailed within 48 hours. 
    • 3-5 photos taken via cell phone
    • 1 30 second video of team making ornament
    • 3-5 candid photos of team making ornament

We can't wait for you to book your Holiday Movie Moment with us! You can check out what the video may look like on our YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook social medias! 

Book now!

Happy Holidays!

Nick, Beka, and the Glitter Gremlins



Rebekah Mohilo

This sounds so amazing! We might have to take a mini vacation!

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