COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

I really didn't know how to start this blog, so I have been staring at an empty blog screen for the last 30 minutes trying to come up with a way to say what I want to say without sounding like a chump. I haven't figured it out so I figured I would just start talking to y'all. 

COVID-19 has impacted my family in ways I never thought it would. Both of my children are high risk as they already have respiratory issues, and I am high risk because of my health issues. I have fought hard not to tell my anxiety get the better of me, but it is a daily battle. I am at a loss as to how to help people, and I don't have words other than "I am so sorry, what can I do for you?" but even then, people don't know what to say. This is an unprecedented time, and there is no manual for how to navigate this. 

I am working from home, and I have both my kids home, which brings with it a whole host of problems. Namely, bored children, and tired adults. I have compiled a massive amount of free printables that I have added to the website, and before you go giving me credit, I didn't design any of them. These are all homeschooling parents, teachers, and other creators who have created these. I have read all the licensing on them and have the ability to redistribute for you. I am going to list a bunch of resources below that are either free for individual use, or a small fee for you to use.  

I really don't have much else to share other than if you have time to take a class from me, but for any reason you do not want to pay for it, please email me and I will privately book you. If you would like access to the Passport Program, please email me and I will help you create an account and give you access. I can't do a lot, but I can help you find ways to organize your business, get on track and give you something to focus on when you may need the distraction. 

My heart is with each and every one of you during this time. I have friends who are first responders in NYC, family in DC, loved ones in the military around the world, and all I can tell you is I wish I was out there with them today. But I am not, so I am going to try and focus where I can. 

Sending healthy vibes from our family to yours, 

Beka <3

Resources for Home:


Rebekah Mohilo

Beka – I find it amazing that you are putting others first. However, please, please, please DO NOT forget that you are one of those households that you are trying to help and it IS NOT SELFISH to do you. Therefore, re-focus your attention on you, otherwise you will crash and burn. Then you will be of no use to anyone. Ration your energy equally.


Rebekah Mohilo

Thank you for everyone. Had a stroke so I can’t do a lot of stuff I can buy myself and maybe you remember me if not that’s alright to you care of other people that’s more than other want to do so I do want to tell you ‘rock’

Rebekah Mohilo


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